Supervised Access Program Lambton


Supervised Access Program Lambton (SAPL) provides a safe, neutral, child-focused environment where families can carry out their parenting time requirements as stipulated by court orders or written agreements.

We promote the building of relationships between children and their non-residential family member. Attending to the rights, needs, and emotional health of the children is the foundation upon which we build our child-focused environment.


Access Visits:                    

· Provide supervised access between the child(ren) and then on-residential family member (NRP). The access visits take place at our centre and can range from one to two hours in length.

Access Exchanges:          

· Provide a secure, neutral, and supervised location for the family to drop-off and pick-up the child(ren) who are being transferred between the residential party (RP) and the non-residential party (NRP).

How do I get started?

· You must be referred to the program. Referrals can come from legal counsel, legal mediation, court orders, Office of the Children’s Lawyer, or other social service providers or agencies.

· Contact the Program Coordinator at the Family Counselling Centre to request an Intake Package 519-336-0120 x 255.

· You will need to answer a short questionnaire over the phone and will then be mailed an Intake Package to complete and re-turn to the Program Coordinator at the Family Counselling Centre location.

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